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Parents and Interested Friends: TRY IT--IT WON'T BREAK!!!!! Please feel free to use our new Library Media Center Network. Our students are getting very proficient at finding book titles, newpaper articles, magazine issues, and television script printouts. With the network, they can print out full-text articles, or bibliographies on their chosen subject. We are quite proud of our network capabilities, and invite you to learn along with us. To get to some of the other features, press the Escape (Esc) key. You may then chose to highlight Reviews (R), or Calendar(C), by moving the up or down arrow key. When the word is highlighted, press the Enter key. When you are finished reading a screen, you may exit from that topic by pressing the Escape key. Under Book Search, you may type in a Title, an Author, a Subject, or a Keywork. Go to CD-ROM to find newspaper, magazine or television articles. FEAR NOT--SO SHALL WE LEARN. To get to the newspaper, magazine, social issues, or television scripts, you must exit out of the Surpass/2. Just use the arrow keys to highlight "Yes" when you are asked, "Do you want to exit Surpass/2?" The next screen will have the words "Book Search", "CD-ROM", amd"Exit". Use the arrow keys to move to CD-ROM, press the Enter key and wait for the CD menu to come up. You may arrow down to highlight the selection you want to see, and press the Enter key. Just follow the rest of the instructions when the program comes up.

New in Library

  • Blood of my bloodBlood of my blood

    Lyga, Barry.

    Jazz Dent, who has been shot and left to die in New York City, his girlfriend, Connie, who is in the clutches of Jazz's serial killer father, Billy, and his best friend, Howie, who is bleeding to death on the floor of Jazz's own home in tiny Lobo's Nod, must all rise above the horrors their lives have become and find a way to come together in pursuit of Billy.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : dog days

    Kinney, Jeff.

    Greg Heffley recounts his daily experiences during summer vacation as he tries to live out his ultimate fantasy of spending the days indoors playing video games with no responsibilities and no rules, despite his mother's attempts to pack the summer with outdoor activities and family fun.

  • Una educaciĆ³nUna educaciĆ³n

    Westover, Tara.

    "A . . . memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University"--Amazon.com.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : hard luck

    Kinney, Jeff.

    "Greg Heffley's on a losing streak. His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task. To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance. Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg's life destined to be just another hard-luck story?"--Provided by publisher.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : the long haul

    Kinney, Jeff.

    The Heffley family road trip starts off full of promise, then quickly takes several wrong turns--with everything from a fender bender to crazed seagulls--but even the worst road trip can turn into an adventure, and this is one the Heffleys will not soon forget.

  • Love, lies and spiesLove, lies and spies

    Anstey, Cindy.

    In the early 1800s, when her father sends her to London for a season, eighteen-year-old Juliana Telford, who prefers researching ladybugs to marriage, meets handsome Spencer Northam, a spy posing as a young gentleman of leisure.

  • Never fadeNever fade

    Bracken, Alexandra.

    "In the second installment of The Darkest Minds trilogy, Ruby joins forces with the revolutionary Children's League to find critical information about the epidemic that has torn both her life and America apart"--Provided by publisher.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : old school

    Kinney, Jeff.

    "Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive?"--Provided by publisher.

  • Pretty in PunxsutawneyPretty in Punxsutawney

    Crompton, Laurie Boyle.

    Stuck repeating her first day at a new school over and over, seventeen-year-old Andie is convinced that a miracle kiss will break the Sisyphean curse, but she instead discovers how a high school filled with cliques and misfits can find common ground despite their differences.

  • El rey de mimbreEl rey de mimbre

    Ancrum, Kayla.

    Best friends August and Jack struggle to cope as one spirals into madness.

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Popular Titles

  • Fairy tail #63Fairy tail #63

    Mashima, Hiro, 1977-, author, artist.

  • Tokyo Ghoul: re vol 7Tokyo Ghoul: re vol 7

    Ishida, Sui, author, artist.

    The Commission of Counter Ghoul is the only organization fighting the Ghoul menace, and they will use every tool at their disposal to protect humanity from its ultimate predator. Their newest weapon in this hidden war is an experimental procedure that implants human investigators with a Ghoul's Kagune, giving them Ghoul powers and abilities. But both the procedure and the newly formed Qs Squad are untested. Will they become heroes...or monsters?!.

  • Tokyo Ghoul: re vol 8Tokyo Ghoul: re vol 8

    Ishida, Sui, author, artist.

  • Fairy Tail #62Fairy Tail #62

    Mashimo, Hiro.

  • Fairy Tail #61Fairy Tail #61

    Mashima, Hiro.

  • The Remedy #3The Remedy #3

    Young, Suzanne.

    Seventeen-year-old Quinn provides closure to grieving families by taking on the short-term role of a deceased loved one, until huge secrets come to the surface about Quinn's own past.

  • Dear Nobody The True Diary of Mary RoseDear Nobody The True Diary of Mary Rose

    McCain, Gillian.

  • Second chance summerSecond chance summer

    Matson, Morgan.

    Returning to her family's lake house years after a mortifying mistake, Taylor must confront her past, the boy she left behind, and her father's terminal cancer.

  • One Piece Vol 21One Piece Vol 21 : Utopia

    Oda, Eiichiro, 1975-

  • The Last Thirteen: 13The Last Thirteen: 13 : book one

    Phelan, James.

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